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Welding Pipe Forming Process Technology
- Apr 04, 2018 -

Welding pipe forming process, that is, the shape of the pipe machine and the design and adjustment of the diameter of the pipe, will directly affect the quality of the welding.

The traditional forming process is roller forming process with single radius and double radius.

W reverse bending forming system with two rolls, three rolls, four or five rolls, two or four rolls to ensure the forming quality.

This traditional roll forming technology, mostly used for diameter less than 114 ㎜ welded pipe units.

America's line of roll forming process, the steel union CTA forming technology, Japan once FF or popular titles include FFX flexible forming technology, etc., after forming of the joint shape and good surface has good quality, suitable for welded pipe unit specification is wider.

Various forming process technologies have different advantages and disadvantages, suitable for different conditions. According to the product outline and product use, the equipment should be carefully considered when selecting the equipment, so as to select different forming technology.

In order to reduce the elastic deformation, the machining deformation path of the precision welded tube unit is increased by 2 ~ 3 times.

On deformation arrangement, should reduce initial deformation Angle, ensure the stability of the nip, curved Angle between the appropriate increase, the rear part of the deformation decrease and increase the deformation path is not only reduce the deformation force, also can make the strip has the opportunity to release the surface stress, surface gradient of stress increase slowly, can avoid the crack.

In the process of adjustment, first of all, should guarantee the vertical centerline of unity, for different center as basis, looking for accurate positioning and middle size, in a horizontal position, should be arranged according to the process, form the mountain line (down) flat straight line, not a curve.

Before wearing the belt, it is necessary to adjust the shape of each rack, to measure the dimensioning, to ensure the stability of the product into the racks.

In the adjustment, to balance the force, can not force deformation on a rack, to ensure that the Angle of elevation is stable and uniform.

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