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The Slip Shaft Of Metal Slitting Machine
- Jun 27, 2017 -

  The Slip Shaft of Metal Slitting Machine

  Slip Shaft of Metal Slitting Machine

  Slip axis, also known as the slip of the expansion of the inflatable shaft is a special section of the expansion of the individual sliding and torque set the structure, which is mainly to solve the thinning of each volume of material due to uneven thickness and tension caused by the phenomenon , Can effectively improve product quality and production efficiency.

  With the improvement of people's living standards, the development of science and technology, the flexible packaging products put forward higher and higher requirements, thin film elongation requirements are getting smaller and smaller, Metal Slitting Machine the end of the winding surface is getting higher and higher, Tension control made a higher demand. The tension control accuracy of the take-up spool directly determines the elongation of the slitting product and the uniformity of the end face, so it is necessary to use the slip axis.

  The use of the slip shaft, the speed of the metal slitting machine, the winding precision, the degree of automation, the reduction of the preparation time, and the improvement of the humanization of the operation. In particular, a variety of poor tensile resistance, thickness error of large cast polyester thin material using the slip axis, the difficulty of winding up to be reduced. Precious material metal foil using the slip shaft is more greatly improve the genuine rate, reduce production costs.

  Structural Characteristics and Working Principle of Slip Shaft

  Slip shaft to precision air-core ventilation spindle as the core, the use of compressed air to promote the cavity of the piston, so that the axis of friction between the friction and the friction between the ring to produce friction torque, and further promote the inclined base on the expansion plate Radial expansion, squeeze the reel, Metal Slitting Machine to pass the torque of the reel, so as to achieve constant tension coiling.

  Slip shaft structure is special, composed of a number of slip ring, the work of the slip ring controlled by a certain slip torque (torque) slip, the amount of slip just compensate for the speed difference, so as to accurately control each volume Material tension, to constant tension coiling, to ensure the quality of coiling. Can be applied to the range from very low to high tension, suitable for high speed, material thickness error, multi-stage tension control, high precision tension control, finishing the requirements of the end of the winding. So, the slip shaft of the inflatable unit, by the cavity, skew base, piston, gas seal, Metal Slitting Machine bearing and spring and the composition of the film plays a very important role. The cooperation between each fitting is also relatively important.

  Slip axis is mainly used for cutting the product quality requirements are relatively high, faster cutting equipment.