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The Forming Unit Of The Forming Roll Centralizing Adjustment
- Apr 02, 2018 -

The forming unit is called CTA unit.

The unit is characterized by: 1 general preformed frame, 1 curved edge frame and 1 special CTA device to replace 4 ~ 5 traditional cheetah 2 rolls with roller stand and vertical roller device.

The CTA unit mainly produces round tubes, and it is necessary to adjust the position of the roll film to change the production specification.

When adjusting, the roll only moves in a straight line, its Angle is constant, and the linear motion of the roll is proportional to the forming radius of the product.

The whole frame is a universal roll group. In the production of square and rectangular tubes, it is only necessary to adjust the position of four staggered and vertical rollers to meet the requirements of changing specifications.

The advantages of CTA unit are:

The frame structure is simple, easy to adjust, can save 50% of the roll cost, and reduce the roll time by 40%.

Increase production capacity by 15%;

With advanced technology and strong applicability, the diameter of the product and wall thickness ratio (D/S) can reach 160:1.

The first CTA unit developed by Austrian iron and steel co., ltd. was completed and put into operation in 1987 and can produce 25 ~ 406 outer diameter.

4mm, wall thickness 1 ~ 16mm round tube series products and corresponding square rectangular tube series products.

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