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The F Unit
- Apr 03, 2018 -

Traditional mill generally corresponding to different size of the product must be inherent its roll, roll change heavy and roller adjustment homework, risk is big, in addition, accompanied by level, lack of skilled workers, backup roll and spare space for placement of.

And the FF mill can be formed from a round tube to a square tube with a single set of common rollers, which can be adapted to produce ordinary steel.

High strength steel, stainless steel, surface heat treatment and other varieties, multi-steel tube, and the steel tube quality of the edge bending.

According to the hardness and thickness of the material, the BD1 up and down rollers are finely tuned to achieve.

Therefore, it is also difficult to adjust the thin-walled tube and the high quality welded pipe which requires good welding condition.

In addition, the eye does not need the spare roll and the preparatory frame, the area is also small.


The characteristics of the F unit are: to produce different specifications of steel pipe without changing the roll, and only to adjust the roll displacement of four flat rollers and six vertical roll groups.

Adjustment, the press of a button operation, electro-hydraulic control and mechanical transmission device is driven roll, such as horizontal move, rotation movement of rise and fall, and the adjustment of technology parameter effect through digital display shows;

It is easy to adjust, and the number of rolls required is 40 ~ 70 for the general unit.

In the process of forming, the product quality is stable, the product quality is stable, the roll wear is low and the rolling mill energy consumption is low, because the edge tension is small enough and the shape is stable without deviation, the weld is straight and the roundness is high.

It can produce super thin wall welded pipe (S/D=l).


F unit is another representative type of the flexible molding machine, which is made by the manufacturing of Japan zhongtian machine town.

There are four welding line production lines in the world.

China's xuzhou ring steel tube co., LTD. Has introduced a set of 203,2 ram(Sin)F from Japan.

The F unit was put into operation in March of l991.

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