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The Basic Working Principle Of Frequency Conversion Speed Regulator In Slitting Line
- Jun 13, 2017 -

  The Basic Working Principle of Frequency Conversion Speed Regulator in Slitting Line

  In today's industrial production and daily life people are in the pursuit of energy to maximize the use of energy savings has become a consistent pursuit of the goal, in view of this form of demand, the birth of the inverter for everyone to bring the best use of energy good news , In the use of the slitting line is also applied to the inverter, which is the main application of the frequency converter to improve the power. Here we come to ask you to introduce the basic operating principle of slitting line frequency converter.

  The use of polymer insulation materials and vacuum pressure impregnation manufacturing process and the use of special insulation structure, the electrical winding insulation voltage and mechanical strength is greatly improved enough to run the motor speed and resistance to high frequency current shock and voltage Damage to insulation. Balanced high quality, vibration level for the R level (vibration level) mechanical parts processing precision, and the use of special high-precision bearings, high-speed operation. Forced ventilation cooling system, all imported axial fan ultra-quiet, high life, strong wind. Protect the motor at any speed, get effective cooling, can achieve high-speed or low-speed long-term operation.

  In the course of the use of its motor should be regularly related maintenance, maintenance, so as to ensure the normal operation of the slitting line equipment.