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The Advantages Of Purlin Machine
- Jul 10, 2017 -

  First, the advantages of Purlin machine

  Purlin production, grape rack production: simple and convenient; easy to operate; environmental protection and energy saving; high stability.

  Second, the use of Purlin machine place

  Pre-stressed concrete column forming machine is a new type which is carefully developed on the basis of prestressed concrete column forming machine according to the demand of modern rural township building facilities and economic development. Column machine, grape frame machine, purlin machine, Pillar machine, cement column machine, manufactured cement products are mainly used in vegetable greenhouse column, Grape frame column, orchard Pillar, livestock farm, flower planting shed column, farm and so on. Compared with the traditional handicraft industry, the machine work efficiency is increased 10-15 times, and the operation is simple, maintenance is convenient. The machine can design a variety of models and sizes.

  Third, purlin machine related machinery

  Purlin machine, Pillar machine, purlin molding machine, cement purlin machine, inclined purlin molding machine, cement column machine, grape frame machine, large shed column machine, profiled Purlin machine, profiled purlin machine, cement column machine, vertical pile machine, high speed road pile machine, concrete purlin machine, concrete column machine, cement shed column machine, vegetable shed column machine, flower shed column machine, cement rod machine, concrete shed column machine, concrete flower shed column machine, concrete vegetable greenhouse column machine