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Straight Edge Forming Unit.
- Apr 04, 2018 -

Roll forming machine

The unit is supplied by Germany's mannesmann mill mill.

Straight edge forming unit including two-high bending frame (lower roller is adjustable), straight edge forming roller group [by two rows of Angle gradually change row roller (17) and the upper of two adjustable pressure under the disc roller], no. 1 of pure bending frame of fin (1 roll), no. 2 pure bending frame (1 for wing roll) and four roller extrusion welding machine roller device, etc.

The unit design is novel, compact and unique.

The characteristics of the straight edge forming unit are: the length of the machine is shortened by 6O compared with the traditional molding machine, and the roll reduction is reduced by about 7O(from 228 to 48), so the production cost of the unit is greatly reduced.

The straight edge forming method belongs to the descent method.

The tensile deformation on the edge of the strip is 1/2 less than that of the traditional forming method, and the edges in the welding process are in order, with little deviation and dislocation, so the product quality is obviously improved.

There is a large adjustment scope, and the calibration scale can ensure the accuracy of the adjustment.

The thin wall tube with the minimum wall thickness and the diameter ratio of 1:8O can be produced, and the thickness of the wall thickness and the thickness of the diameter ratio of 1:1O can be obtained through the finned roller.

(5) in the process of forming, symmetrically arranged on the two big beam shaft 17 for small row rollers makes the tube billet continuous forming gradually according to the natural shape curve (bending on the one hand, on the one hand, oxtail and absorption edge of the strip), and thus help to prevent the edge wave and bulge, greatly improving the forming quality and accuracy;

It is used to change roll in a quick way, and the roll change time is only 1.5h.

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