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Shearing Machine Mainly Used In A Variety Of Sheet Cutting Operations
- Oct 18, 2017 -

Cutting machine as the current market in the common mechanical machine equipment, which is mainly used in a variety of sheet shearing operations, different types of shear machine performance is very good, while the composition of the shear machine has a very small difference. Different types of shear machine specific applications have a certain difference. With the improvement of the economic level and the level of science and technology, the popularity of the computer makes the components of the shearing machine a certain degree of improvement, in which the appearance of the hydraulic system to a certain extent, enhance the production efficiency of the shearing machine.

After many years of our application of shear machine, we can understand the main performance characteristics of the shear machine are as follows:

(1) the motor on demand the use of programmable controller;

(2) hydraulic system using advanced cartridge valve or slide valve system control, the implementation of the button to focus on the operation of the hydraulic machine;

(3) The type of shear machine pressure, speed and stroke can be adjusted according to the needs of the process, and to complete the compression molding and stereotypes two kinds of technology.


1. Those who are not learning, do not understand the structure of the machine, performance and operating procedures are not allowed to start the machine.

2. The lubrication of the machine should be at least once a day.

3. To add the hydraulic oil in the tank, should be strictly used high-quality anti-wear hydraulic oil, must undergo a rigorous filtration, and should always keep enough oil, should fill the oil immediately when insufficient.

4. The fuel tank should be cleaned and replaced every six months, but the first time the filter oil can not be cleaned for more than one month. Once again, the new oil is allowed to pass once after strict filtration.

5. When there is more serious oil spills or abnormal phenomena in the work, should immediately stop, analyze the reasons and troubleshooting, not forced to run sick.

6. Machine in the operation or packing process, shall not be repaired or hand touch the movement parts, is strictly prohibited by hand or foot in the box to press the material.

7. Pump, valve, pressure gauge to adjust, you must have experienced technical workers, such as the pressure gauge is found to be faulty, should immediately check the check or update the table.