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Shearing Machine Is Mainly Used For Waste Materials Recycling Industry
- Oct 12, 2017 -

shearing machine use range

1, shearing machine is mainly used for waste materials recycling industry, small and medium-sized steel mills on a variety of cross-shaped shapes such as round steel, square steel, channel steel, angle steel, I-beam, steel, steel and other scrap metal scrap.

2, the use of hydraulic transmission. Compared with the mechanical transmission shears, with a small size, light weight, inertia, low noise, smooth action, safe operation, easy to achieve overload protection.

3, with manual, automatic function. Easy to operate, simple, scissors in the work of any position in the process can cut and stop. And according to the size of the material being cut, arbitrary control of the size of the cut to achieve the highest efficiency.

4, the technical parameters are reasonable, wide range of applications, low energy consumption, widely used in scrap metal recycling industry, small and medium-sized steel plant steel cut, for the furnace to provide the best furnace charge.

Shearing machine maintenance attention

1, the use of metal shearing machine should be strictly in accordance with the operating procedures for operation.

2, each time before the start according to lubrication chart timing, fixed, quantitative plus lubricating oil, oil should be clean without precipitation.

3, metal shears must always keep clean, no paint part of the anti-rust grease.

4, the motor bearing lubrication oil to regularly replace the filling, and often check the electrical part of the work is safe and reliable.

5, regularly check the V-belt, handle, knob, button is damaged, wear should be replaced in a timely manner, and reported spare parts to add.

6, regularly check the repair switch, insurance, handle, to ensure its reliable work.

7, 10 minutes before get off work every day, the metal shearing machine lubrication and scrub cleaning machine.

8, is strictly prohibited non-designated personnel to operate metal shearing machine, usually have to do people off the plane stop.