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Sandwich Panel Machine Characteristics And Construction Technology
- May 26, 2017 -

Sandwich Panel Machine

Sandwich Panel Machine Features

1, Sandwich Panel Machine raw materials for high impact polystyrene (HIPS), is difficult to break down engineering plastics, placed in the building Sandwich Panel Machine, the decomposition period of more than 100 years;

2, for underground engineering roof or roof greening, high compressive strength, light load. Compared with the conventional process, the sandwich plate machine and geotextile composite, with drainage, waterproof, breathable, moisturizing, separated from the root and other functions set in one;

3, for the insulation of the roof or underground engineering floor, Sandwich Panel Machine a number of fulcrum to the building layer and the formation of a gap between the structure layer, with moisture, drainage, insulation and other functions;

4, Sandwich Panel Machine board edge of the machine has the size of fulcrum, you can cross each other along the slope,

Even if the leakage of water again, can be promptly and promptly discharged. Construction and transportation are very simple and convenient.

Sandwich Panel Machine Construction technology

1, clean up the laying of the scene of garbage, cement leveling, so that the scene is not obvious convex, outdoor garage roof and roof garden need to have 2-5 ‰ of the slope.

2, roof greening and outdoor garage roof green can be used with porous seepage pipe, so that the drainage board can be discharged from the water discharged to the nearby sewer or near the city sewer.

3, the basement floor impermeable water, in the foundation above the overhead floor, that is, before doing the floor is to do a layer of drainage board, round fulcrum down, surrounded by blind ditch, so that the ground water does not come, water naturally through the drainage Plate space into the surrounding ditch, and then through the blind ditch into the sump.

4, the basement wall impermeable water, the main body of the building can be laid on the drainage board, round fulcrum for the main wall, drainage board and then a layer of single-wall or steel mesh with cement to protect the drainage board, the wall The infiltration of water flows down into the ditch until the puddle.

5, in any section of the laying of drainage board, we must pay attention not to let the soil, cement, sand and other garbage into the front of the drainage board space to ensure that the drainage board space.

6, when the drainage board laying as much as possible when the protection measures, level or outdoor garage laying drainage board should be done as soon as possible backfill work to prevent the wind blowing the impact of laying the quality of drainage board; basement and interior wall waterproof as soon as possible to protect Layer, prevention of drainage board was destroyed by people or things.

7, backfill is a cohesive soil, in the geotextile cloth 3-5cm above the yellow sand for the ideal, is conducive to geotextile water; such as backfill is a nutrient soil or light soil no longer need to lay a layer of yellow Sand, this soil itself is very easy to loose water.

8, drainage board in the laying side and side to be collapsed down 1-2 points, you can also hit the two floor Qi, the use of geotextile lap above, as long as there is no dirt into the drainage board drainage channel can keep the drainage flow.