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Safety Rules For Alligator Shearing Machines
- Aug 04, 2017 -

  Safety rules for alligator shearing machines

  The safe operating procedure of alligator shearing machine is as follows:

  1. The equipment shall be operated by a person and shall not be used arbitrarily by others without training.

  2. Before driving should check whether the parts are normal, fasteners are solid.

  3. No shearing of annealed steel, cast iron, shearing machine soft metal parts, too thin workpiece, workpiece less than 100 mm in length, and workpieces exceeding the length of scissors are prohibited.

  4. Operation, the human body is not allowed to approach the transmission part and the edge of the device, and should pay attention to the safety of the surrounding personnel, to prevent the material from warping injury. Cut should be as far as possible to cut the material close to the inside of the knife. When cutting shorter material, the hand-held workpiece should not be used to feed, should be used clamp feed.

  5. When the equipment is running, shearing machine the operation personnel may not leave the post without authorization, the work completes or temporarily leaves the post, should cut off the power supply, at the same time the machine operation must not carry on the repair or touches the movement part with the hand, forbids using the hand or the foot in the material box presses the

  6. The lubrication Department of the machine shall, shearing machine as required, add at least one lubricant per class.