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Roll Forming Technology Of Corrugated Sheet
- May 14, 2018 -

Corrugated pipe is formed by corrugated sheet, and corrugated plate is usually made of sheet roll forming. The system has continuous forming system and special pass system. At present, the most widely used in the production of corrugated plate is continuous forming system, namely, first, bend the center wave, then bend the adjacent wave, and finally bend the side wave. The advantage of this system is the lowest roll consumption, and its disadvantages are easy to get out of the workpiece! Now transverse bending and distortion. Special journal type system is mainly used to produce corrugated board, precurving the arc wave at the beginning stage, and then! The lock pressure is formed to ensure that the metal is thinned at each corner. Its disadvantages are high rolling and high requirement for forming equipment and materials.

Project team according to many years of research and product development experience, to integrate these two pass system, fully learned, the advantages of two methods of forming, overcome the often appeared in the process of forming defects such as lateral bending, distortion and edge wave. By the experiment. It is proved that the forming system can realize the roll forming of wide plate.

Project team in recent years in wide plate rolling process were studied systematically, and changchun railway vehicle cooperation established common rolled plate performance database, the database contains SUS301L - ST, SUS301L - HT, SUS301L - DLT and taiyuan! The mechanical properties of the materials such as 00Cr12Ni, 05CuPCrNi, 09CuPCrNi, 08F, Q235, Q345, Q610 and other materials have been established, which has laid a foundation for the development of roller pressing process and the numerical simulation of finite element.

.Plate transverse, namely the width direction, near the bending Angle position, strain change is big, and have obvious peak value, and at the bottom, section stress uniform distribution, so the strain mainly concentrated near the bending Angle deformation area. Plank of longitudinal deformation are mainly concentrated in deformation zone and transition zone, reflected in the bending parts, the deformation is larger, but in the range of elastic deformation, namely plate elasticity exists in the longitudinal tensile deformation, the strain of the existence of buckling will cause the profile and cross section shape distortion. 

In general, no more than longitudinal strain, lateral strain shows that deformation mainly occurs in lateral plate width direction, namely in cold bending forming, friction is an important influencing factors, using the finite element simulation the influence of friction coefficient in cold bending forming. For example, when the friction coefficient is 0.2, the phenomenon of sticking roller appears in the cold bending process. After the friction coefficient is adjusted to 0.1, the plate is turned into a cold curve, and then there is no abnormal viscosity roller and mesh distortion. From the above analysis, it can be seen that the roller surface state has a great influence on the distortion of the workpiece.

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