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Roll Forming Machine Equipment Process Flow
- May 10, 2018 -

1. Packaging, transportation and storage:

The machinery and equipment are generally shipped in bulk, and the motor part is wrapped with plastic cloth to avoid moisture and damage; the exposed part of the shaft head is also wrapped with plastic cloth to avoid bruising and corrosion; other parts should be coated with anti-rust oil, Prevent rust.

In addition to these, in the process of transport, there are also some rules to be observed:

(1) When loading and unloading the roll forming machine equipment, care should be taken to ensure that the ropes are of sufficient strength and that they do not damage the projecting parts of the equipment. If necessary, they can be protected by wood blocks or soft protection.

(2) During the transportation of the roll forming machine equipment, it shall be stretched with ropes at the bottom of the padding wood to prevent vibration and impact.

When the rolling mill is in storage, the following rules shall be observed:

(1) After the cold roll forming machine is shipped, the user should take the packing list from the packing box and check it. If there is any error, the cause should be promptly identified. After the equipment is taken out, it should be placed in a ventilated and dry room to prevent Rusty damage.

(2) If it is necessary to store it for a long time, it should be carefully cleaned and then re-applied with rust preventive oil to prevent rust.

2. Basic and installation

(1) Before the installation of the cold bending forming machine, the concrete foundation shall be poured according to relevant regulations, and sufficient depth of the floor screw holes shall be reserved to facilitate the subsequent secondary grouting.

(2) Install the roll forming machine equipment on the foundation, and then perform coarse adjustment. The reserved holes should be filled with concrete mixed with cement and sand. The ratio of the two is 1:3. Wait until the concrete is hardened and then fine-tuned. At this time, the anchor screw must be tightened evenly. After checking the accuracy, the cold-rolling mill shall be concreted with 50-100 mm below the base, and the nearby base shall be repaired to make it flat.

(3) The deviation between the centerline of the upper and lower roll centerlines of the mill and the upper and lower shafts of the herringbone gear seat is not more than 0.5mm.

3. Maintenance of roll forming machine equipment

(1) The use unit shall formulate operating rules based on unit performance and use requirements, and shall strictly observe and prohibit operation in the absence of operating procedures. The

(2) Operators should strictly observe their operating procedures and rolling procedures during operation, and should not be overloaded and rolled, nor can they be operated indiscriminately. The

(3) The roller press molding machine equipment should be maintained according to the regulations. If the consumables do not meet the requirements after being used for a period of time, the roller press molding machine equipment should be replaced in time. The

(4) The roller press machine equipment should be lubricated according to the regulations, and oil or new lubricating oil should be replaced in time.

(5) The operator should check the rolling mill during the shift. The connection should be loosened immediately, and a lubrication point should be checked. The roll forming machine equipment should be regularly inspected and repaired. The cold rolling mill equipment is strictly forbidden to work, otherwise it will be Damage caused by the machine.

4. Roll forming machine product features

(1)the cold bending machine equipment is easy to operate, high degree of automation; 

(2) wear-resistant and durable;

(3)steel, easy adjustment, long service life. The

(4)with the operation, maintenance, maintenance and mechanical debugging, mold replacement and other advantages.

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