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Purlin MachineMore Widely Used
- Aug 23, 2017 -

1. use place

Prestressed concrete column forming machine is based on the needs of modern rural township construction facilities and economic development, in the prestressed concrete column forming machine based on the careful development of a new model, column machine, grape machine, purlin machine, column machine , Cement column machine, the system of cement products are mainly used for vegetable greenhouse column, grape stand column, orchard column, livestock farms, flower planting shed column, farm and so on. Compared with the traditional handicraft industry, the machine work efficiency increased by 10-15 times, and simple operation, easy maintenance. The machine can be designed with a variety of models and sizes.

2. safe use

Column machine purlin machine before use, to see whether the convergence of reliable, bolt bolts, nuts can be tightened, left and right chassis should be added smooth oil, can be powered to start the machine test. The mold used in the column purlin machine requires an upper die and six lower molds of the same standard scale. The upper die and a lower mold are directly mounted on the hexagonal runner, and the upper mold is mounted on the bottom surface of the carriage , And placed the appropriate thickness of the pad, to ensure that the upper and lower mold mold, the four sides of the gap evenly, between the upper and lower mold spacing is equal to the thickness of the required tile. And then the above model prevail, the work station transposition, the device other five to pay the next model, all the good device on the next model to drive the next pressure tile. The first empty car work carefully observed, whether the sensation, noise, oil window can oil, the parts of the movement can be harmonious, everything is normal after the device mold, the device mold, it is necessary to intercept power, hand carefully moving motor belt Or large gears, column purlin machine to shift the work table, and make the carriage up to the highest point, the best with an object support in the work platform and the bottom of the slide between the slide to prevent the natural fall, the formation of trouble.

3. concept

Purlins, horizontal parts distributed along the length of the roof, on the main rafter, supporting the secondary rafters. Rural houses used to stir the rafters, made of roof of the crossbar, is one of the main components of the house, also known as truss, in the slope of the roof is often placed on the roof or inclined beam, which on the plate and tile, As a dependent component of the water. Due to durability and cost-effectiveness, cement purlins are more widely used than wood and steel structures.

5. Precautions

Purlin machine in the use of the process to pay attention to what matters:

1, purlin machine work need to close the electrical cabinet, junction box, console door or cover, so as not to plot.

2, often check and regularly tighten the pipe joints, to prevent loose oil.

3, to ensure that the accumulator inflatable pressure sufficient and normal capsule, or timely treatment.

4, must maintain the working voltage stability, the fluctuation value does not exceed the rated voltage of 5% -10%.

5, the operator is not allowed to replace the hydraulic components, when the failure, it is necessary to timely analysis of the reasons, should be promptly by the technical staff to troubleshoot equipment maintenance, do not allow the machine sick work to prevent accidents.