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Purlin Machine Is The Production Of Cement Purlin Machinery
- Jul 10, 2017 -

  Purlin machine is the production of cement purlin machinery.

  Purlin, horizontal parts distributed along the length of the roof, located on the main rafters, supporting the secondary roof rafters. Purlin machine Rural housing used to provoke the rafters, made of the roof of the horizontal wood, is one of the main components of the House, also known as the truss, Purlin machine in the slope of the roof is often used in the roof truss or oblique beam, and then add Lookout and tiles, as the dependent component of the times.

  Because of durability and price/performance ratio, cement purlin is more widely used than wood and steel.

  Purlin machine work process, Purlin machine will inevitably appear a variety of fault problems, before solving these problems, the first to find out the cause of the problem, according to their previous experience, summed up in addition to a few possible reasons:

  1. The block is uneven;

  2, spring pressure imbalance;

  3, hopper material uneven;

  4, the vibration device inversion;

  5, the burden is unreasonable, Purlin machine fine sand more aggregate less.