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On The Choice Of Shearing Machine Common Sense
- Jul 21, 2017 -

  On the choice of Shearing machine common sense

  Shearing machine, also known as crocodile shears, metal shears, scrap iron shears, scrap shears, which are mainly used to cut long scrap metal into pieces for easy transportation and recycling. Each metal recycling company essential equipment.

  The mechanism of the shearing machine is: shearing machine frame (cast iron), blade, pressing plate, protective cover, console (automatic electrical operation box), electrical system, commutation solenoid valve, oil pump, motor, fuel tank, wind Cold, Shearing machine shear cylinder, pressure plate cylinder.

  Shearing machine is the principle of operation through the motor rotation, hydraulic fuel tank inside the extraction of hydraulic oil, through the commutation of the role of the valve, driving the cylinder to run, the scrap metal cut into small pieces.

  Shearing machine for raw materials are scrap iron, copper, aluminum, catalyticconverter, hard drive and so on. Like all the equipment, there are many models cut, Shearing machine how to choose the most suitable for their own cutting machine? This is mainly determined by the customer material of the material, thickness with width or diameter to determine the type of shearing machine.