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Metal Shearing Machine Is Used To Cut The Metal Material Of A Hydraulic Machinery
- Oct 12, 2017 -

Metal shearing machine is a metal processing industry used to cut the metal material of a hydraulic machinery, usually also known as hydraulic shears. Mainly used in scrap treatment plants, smelting foundry enterprises and metal recycling stations. Metal shearing machine can be a variety of steel and a variety of metal structures for cold shear, which processed into a qualified charge.

Safe operation

1, hydraulic shearing machine before the operation to wear tight protective clothing, cuffs fastening, coat hem can not be open, not in the machine to start driving, disassemble clothes, or around the body, to prevent the machine twist. Must wear a helmet, braids should be placed in the hat, not wearing skirts, slippers.

2, hydraulic shearing machine operators must be familiar with the main structure of hydraulic shear, performance and use.

3, hydraulic shearing machine for shear thickness of the shearing machine for the thickness of a variety of steel, copper, aluminum and non-metallic materials, and must be no hard marks, welding slag, slag, weld material, Do not allow extra thickness.

product advantages

1, the machine does not increase the motor power and pump displacement conditions, the design of a fast circuit, the shear speed from 6 times per minute to 12 times per minute (refers to the maximum number of cut mouth when the mouth), improve work efficiency Doubled. This feature is unique for the national counterparts.

2, the maximum opening for the increase of 320 to 500 mm, expanding the scrap shear range, so that the shape of the complex structure can also be cut.

3, the main seal to foreign ST standard seal (grid to circle). Even in the long run or oil temperature is still high to maintain the same shear force. These advantages improve the quality of the machine. Extended machine life.