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Metal Roofing Machine Overview Of Leakage
- May 26, 2017 -

Brief Introduction to Leakage Problem of Metal Roofing Machine

Metal Roofing Machine as a roof form, which is characterized by the structural layer and waterproof layer, and the use of metal plate as the main material of the roof. Metal Roofing Machine material selection varied, common metal sheet are suitable for Metal Roofing Machine, such as zinc plate, galvanized sheet, aluminum plate, aluminum and magnesium alloy plate and so on.

Metal sheets for Metal Roofing Machine are often subjected to surface treatment, and their thickness is often controlled at about 1 mm. Because of its material and coating quality is not the same, the life of metal roofing machine varies greatly, but in the quality control of qualified under the premise of its life up to 50 years.

Metal roofing machine is often used in the form of composite panels, that is, between the two layers of metal sheet insulation layer and other structures. Veneer form less used, the project is often processed by the board according to the roof of the structural conditions of the construction site in the composite, of course, can also be in the construction site for the production of veneer.

Metal Roofing Machine because of its diverse forms, in the plant and the Treasury and other large buildings widely used. The relevant specification specifies that the Metal Roofing Machine is suitable for roofs with a waterproof rating of 1 to 3. The waterproof grade of the roof is the main technical measure of the roof waterproofing ability. The waterproofing grade of the roof is often distinguished according to the construction technology and the waterproof material.

In the selection of waterproof materials, the relevant norms did not give a clear request, the actual use, just to meet the corresponding waterproof capacity and reach the useful life can be used. According to the roof engineering technical specifications, GB50345-2-12 level waterproof, a need two waterproof fortification, metal roof board connection need to add polyester cloth coated multi-functional waterproof coating; 2 waterproof only need a waterproof fortification, metal plate That is to meet the requirements, metal plate joints need to be strictly in accordance with the construction requirements of construction. In the rain and snow concentration of the climate, Metal Roofing Machine to a greater extent, there will be leakage problems.

Rainwater leakage is often concentrated in the gutter, gable, lap joints and other metal plate waterproofing parts of the weak. The problem of waterproofing of Metal Roofing Metal Roofing Machine the normal use of buildings, but also brings great difficulties to the design and construction. It also brings great losses. Therefore, the construction quality of waterproofing works of Metal Roofing Machine is of great concern.