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Inspection Of Serious Internal Leakage Failure Of Shearing Machine
- Oct 12, 2017 -

Inspection of serious internal leakage failure of Shearing machine

The failure of a serious internal leakage of a shearing machine means that the pressure fluid is reversed from the B-cavity, one-way valve cone spool or steel ball can not be tightly closed oil leakage, some of the oil from a cavity outflow, such internal leakage in reverse oil pressure is not too high when the more likely to appear.

1, check the spool (cone night or ball valve) and the seat of the contact line (or surface) is closed: the reasons for the tightness are: the dirt is stuck in the contact position of the spool and the valve seat; Because of the use of the day, with the seat contact line (face) wear a deep groove or pull straight groove scar.

2. Check whether the steel ball or cone spool is misaligned after the assembly is reassembled: valve core and seat contact position change, the pressure oil along the original contact aunt's wear pits leakage and spool contact with the circumference of a broken piece, notched or serrated;

3, valve core diameter and valve body hole diameter with the clearance too large or after use due to wear gap too large.

4, disassemble the cleaning, when necessary the hydraulic system to change oil.

5, cleaning, when necessary plating repair valve core outside the circle size

Shearing machine shearing pressure is not enough, shear the waste, what is the cause, and how to solve?

1, the hydraulic system work pressure is normal, if the low then adjusts the pressure to the rated work pressure

2, determine whether the oil pump leakage, if the leakage needs to be replaced

3, whether the oil cylinder leakage, if the leakage need to replace the seal ring. Using the working principle of the hydraulic oil circuit of shearing machine, the hydraulic fluid is transported to the integrated cartridge valve block, and the hydraulic oil is distributed to the upper chamber or the lower chamber of the oil cylinder through each check valve and overflow valve, and the oil cylinder is sheared under the action of high-pressure oil! Check the electromagnetic integration block, conditional can be used for diesel cleaning