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Four - Roll Forming Machine.
- Apr 01, 2018 -

Four high rolling forming is a new molding of roll forming steel production process, can significantly improve the processing performance and surface quality of the product, and can flexibly configure roll combination, reduce the production cost.

It is especially suitable for the upgrading and upgrading of equipment technology of small and medium-sized enterprises.

The four - roll forming machine sets the main roll on the vertical section.

This structure can improve billet deformation condition, especially in the shape of cross section height to width is larger products, can reduce the deformation of additional friction, reduce the energy consumption and eliminate the scratches, more conducive to ensure the product surface quality.

China's guangzhou special-shaped steel mills and wuhan iron and steel hankou rolling mills have been imported from Austria iron and steel co., LTD., PR7OO / 8 and PR1100/12.7 roll forming steel units, which belong to this structure.

This unit produces special-shaped section products and a variety of roll forming steel products.

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