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Feeding Accuracy Determines The Production Quality Of The Slitting Line
- Jun 13, 2017 -

  Feeding accuracy determines the production quality of the slitting line

  With the rise of high-tech industry not only, the demand for precision in the CNC industry is also getting higher and higher, in view of the development of the industry in the form of slitting line is also gradually improve their own slitting accuracy, Most of the processing accuracy depends on the accuracy of the feeding system, once the feed problems such as failure to meet the requirements of precision, card edge, tilt, waist fold and so on the entire production line will have a serious impact on the processing efficiency and also very likely Affect product quality. Here we look at how to control the accuracy of the slitting line feeding system.

  In the face of the above mentioned problems, the slitting line equipment has made the corresponding improvement, has added the robot handbag for the automatic feeding, the high precision servo system carries on the feeding precision control, the electronic system carries on the precision dimension check, the saw The use of straight-line precision rail guide, after such improvements from the early feeding control or the size of the mid-check and the final track to determine the use of high-tech electronic control, the real precision of the foolproof, and this fully automated Of the feed control system greatly improved the entire production line production efficiency and reduce the frequency of failure.

  Through the above story we have a new understanding of the power of science and technology, the development of the world economy can not be separated from the support of science and technology in the near future technology will lead the world, where we have to keep up with the pace of development of the times, High-tech products, improve the efficiency of the machine.