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​CR Unit
- Apr 03, 2018 -

Roll forming machinery

CR unit is developed and developed by baotou iron and steel design institute.

CR unit features are: (1) coarse forming period of using common roller and replace the roller combination way, this way, when replacement product specification, part of the machine for slimming roll don't need to change, which may reduce the capacity of roll;

Group sets of roller (2) the roll film, coarse forming period set 6 rack, vertical roll roll group inclined to decorate, roll is small in size, more than a third lighter than traditional roll forming machine roll quality, equipment structure is compact;

The roller type curve is simple, easy to manufacture and repair, high roll repetition rate;

The rough forming section adopts the stable "w" double radius pass system, which makes the mill forming thin wall tube and thick wall pipe adaptable, and the product specification is wide.

door frame roll forming machine   (3).jpg