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Cold Bending Machine Work Steps
- Jul 19, 2017 -

When working, the required cold-formed molding machine is driven by the auxiliary system door bracket between the two active rollers. The hydraulic system is used to push the hydraulic cylinder to push the dovetail groove and the cold-bending roller cold-pressed steel to be designed The required arc when the closure of the hydraulic system, start the mechanical transmission system, so that the active wheel rotation and rely on friction to promote the steady and steady steel forward, in order to achieve continuous cold bending operations.

At the end of the cold bending work, turn off the bending machine drive system, while starting the hydraulic system, so that the hydraulic cylinder to recover. Place the cold-formed steel on the door bracket of the auxiliary system.

This cold bending machine operation, both to ensure the strength of the material to improve the quality of the support steel arch, greatly improving the efficiency, the operation steps are simple and easy to understand.