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C Purlin Roll Forming Machine A Brief Introdction
- May 26, 2017 -

A Brief Introduction to C Purlin Roll Forming Machine

C Purlin Roll Forming Machine using high-strength steel plate after cold forming, with uniform wall thickness, adjustable size specifications, compressive strength and other characteristics. Through the C Purlin Roll Forming Machine, the cross-sectional size, although lightweight, but very much in line with the roof of the stress characteristics of the Tan, so that the mechanical properties of steel to give full play to the C, z steel bar can reduce the weight of the roof, Steel, and thus become a cost-effective steel, is an alternative angle steel, channel steel, steel and other traditional steel Tanzhu new building materials.

Technology Improvement of Production of Type C Purlins

C Purlin Roll Forming Machine is a set of rolls can produce a variety of standard C-purlins molding machine products of single-roll forming unit. The machine mainly by the forced loading rack, leveling equipment, punching equipment, forming after the interception equipment, hydraulic stations, computer control systems. The improvement process is completed in four steps.

C Purlin Roll Forming Machine The first step to improve, plus a hole in the hole of the hydraulic punching equipment, once washed four holes, flying saw from the center to intercept, so that the formation of two adjacent C-shaped steel head and tail of the two side holes.

The second step to improve the demand for the new C Purlin Roll Forming Machine in the middle of the hole to play the needs of double holes, the hole 4 hole punching die to 2 hole mold, modify the edge of the program, making the edge punching equipment The middle of the double hole, and the pitch set by the user, the maximum can play 8 groups of double holes.

C Purlin Roll Forming Machine The third step to improve, and then add a hit hole in the equipment, in the process of limiting the bar by the user set the distance out of the hole, the maximum can play 16 in the hole.

The fourth step is to improve the length of the equipment and the addition of the length of the saw, when the limit length reaches the set length of the flying saw action, take the initiative to intercept the profile.

The C Purlin Roll Forming Machine is mainly composed of strip coil support system, feed introduction platform, steel plate forming automatic cutting system, hydraulic system, raw material open system, import movement computer control system, automatic measurement size, punching system, high precision automatic Measuring length system, finished material picking platform and other components. Compact structure, excellent performance, lifetime warranty.