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Box-type Shearing Machine For Energy Conservation, Environmental Protection, Economic And Other Benefits
- Aug 16, 2017 -

  Box-type shearing machine for energy conservation, environmental protection, economic and other benefits

  Scrap is a green resource for energy conservation and emission reduction, and is a renewable resource that can be used indefinitely. Short process Scrap steelmaking Long process Iron ore steelmaking can save energy by 60%, with less than 1 ton of scrap for 1 ton of scrap, shearing machine which can save about 0.4 tons of coke or about 1 ton of raw coal. Scrap instead of iron ore, can ease the dependence of domestic steel mills on iron ore, and can bring energy saving, environmental protection, economic and a series of benefits.

  In this way, China's iron and steel industry, shearing machine the annual supply of scrap should reach 100 million - 160 million tons, so much scrap must be cut or packaged to enter the steel plant to achieve concentrate into the furnace, which scrap steel processing equipment is also a severe test , If the traditional crocodile cutting machine or metal baler processing, one can not keep up with the output, the second is a lot of waste of social and human resources.

  According to market demand research and development of the box shearing machine. With 10 tons / hour of production to replace the ten crocodile cut 20 workers processing capacity, shearing machine box shears in the closed shear, completely avoid the risk of manual operation at the same time, save a lot of labor costs, increased by 10 times Of the production efficiency, to ensure that the scrap can quickly recover processing, shearing machine to concentrate into the furnace requirements, and bring energy saving, environmental protection, economic and a series of benefits.