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Roll Forming Making Machine

Roll Forming Making Machine

Components of corrugated roll forming machine 1. 5 ton Manual Decoiler 2. Feeding Guide 3. Main Roll Forming Machine 4. Hydraulic Cutting Device (this device is according to your profile)

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Product Details

Product describe
After corrugated Roll Forming Machine finished,we take pictures and keep the finished sheets to our showroom.We test our machine strictly to make sure every customer get it satisfied. Your profile drawing is welcomed and acceptable. We can also design the roll forming machine as your requirement.

Working flow

Uncoiler--Feeding--Leveling--Roll-forming--Hydraulic-cutting--Output table

Detailed parameters
(1) Suitable material: color steel
(2) Thickness of the plate: 0.3-0.8mm
(3) Input width of the plate: 1250/1000mm
(4) Width of the plate after forming: 1000/800mm
(5) Productivity: 10-15m/min
(6) Roller steps: 16rows
(7) Roller material: 45# steel Rolling chromium thickness:0.05 mm
(8) Diameter of active shaft: 80mm
(9) Wall thickness of the main forming machine:16mm steel plate
(10) Main forming machine body: 300mmH steel
(11) Transmission chain is1". Reducer is 5.5kw which works stably and no noise
(12) Cutting hydraulic system adopts CDF-10 gear pump,the motor power is 4kw, no noise, work stably.
(13) PLC control system, easy to operate, high precision and work stably.
(14) Dimensions of major structure: 8500mm*1600mm*1200mm

Machine components

corrugated machine .jpg

Name: Rollers

Material: Imported first grade 45# steel.

Treatment process: CNC precision machined, heat treatment

hard Chrome Coated; And at last mirror-surface treatment for anti-rust, long service life and beautiful.

Roofing rfm 7.jpg

Name: Manual precutting device
Feature: Connecting with the PLC control system.

Once material is required to change or the production is nearly finish, the PLC would alarm and you just need to pull the device to finish the cutting. easy operation and save your time.

Roofing rfm6.jpg

Name: Double cylinder cutting structure
Feature: Unlike other factory in china, we adopt the double cylinder cutting structure. to ensure the balance during the cutting process, thus, more stable and longer service life.


Name: Post cutting Device.
Feature: Two cutting blades, stop to cut, cutting model: Cr12mov. Driving by hydraulic power.

With two pillars support to make the cutting processing more stable, no shake.