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Portable gutter roll forming machine

Portable gutter roll forming machine

Hot sale gutter roll forming machine Working flow of gutter roll forming machine Decoiling the sheet---Sheet guiding----Roll forming ----Measure length----Cutting the panel----panels to the supporter Components of gutter ro ll forming machine Passive Uncoiler 3ton with inner diameter 508mm 1set...

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Working flow of gutter roll forming machine

Working flow

Uncoiling→Sheet Guiding →Roll Forming→Pressing →Measuring Length & Shearing →Sheet to Support Table


Safety tips

Portable gutter roll forming machine should be adjusted to the rated pressure, oil filter according to the schedule, at least once a year to filter the oil, often check the gutter roll forming machine oil tank actual oil, if necessary, make up, slip sleeve and column excessive wear to replace the alloy Set to ensure that the clearance between the mold box and the indenter is approximately uniform and the mold release is stable. The bottom plate of the supply hopper is consistent with the planar surface. Check and adjust the wearer's base plate during a certain period of time. Excessive wear should be promptly replaced. The initial test must be performed manually. The pallets are filtered once again. The error of the length of the pallets is kept below plus or minus 2mm. During operation, the pallets are strictly prohibited. If there are more materials on the pallets, they must be promptly cleaned. The drain pan forming machine is in strict accordance with the working conditions. Staff and objects are close to the equipment, otherwise it will cause casualties and machine damage.

Machine components

Passive Uncoiler 3ton with inner diameter 508mm 1set

Roll Forming Equipment 1set

Post Cut Equipment 4set

Hydraulic Station 1set

PLC Control Penal 1set

Supporter Table 2M 2sets

Technical Parameters

Shaft material45# steel with heat treatment
Shaft diameter60mm
Roller materialGCR15
Roller station16rows
Blade materialCr12
Main Motor power5.5KW
Hydraulic pressure8-12mpa
Hydraulic power4KW
Chain transmission1 "
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