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Automatic Highway Guardrail Forming Machine

Automatic Highway Guardrail Forming Machine

Automatic highway guardrail forming machine Components for highway guardrail forming machine This production line includes in conic decoiler unit, feeding guiding platform...

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Product Details

Automatic Highway Guardrail Forming Machine

Product details

The guardrail of automatic highway guardrail forming machine is composed of two corrugated steel guardrails and a fixed clip between the two columns, and the two columns are mounted between two corrugated steel guardrails.

During normal operation, The guardrail of automatic highway guardrail forming machine can be easily inserted into the opening preset plug hole, the role of isolation and protection, at the same time on the road outside the fence with photograph echo, neat, beautiful.

1). Forming speed: about 20m/min
2). Decoiler Capacity: 10 tons
3). Coil Inner diameter: 500mm,600mm
4). Coil out diameter: 1700mm
5). Shearing motor: 2 X 1.1 KW
6). Pump Motor: 18.5 KW
7). Main Motor: 45KW(6phases)
8). Total Power: about 65 KW.
9). Material of forming rollers: D2 with quenched treatment
10). Material of shaft: High quality 45# steel with heat treatment.



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